We Have in-depth Knowledge of the Albania Real Estate Market

Devinf Real Estate in Albania was founded in 1996 on a commitment to professionalism and customer service that still is the core of our business philosophy today. 

Our vast knowledge of the actual market as well as that of the development perspective in different areas has given us the privilege to be part of the real estate minimal fiscal assessment board.

Our staff operates in every city of Albania and provides profitable solutions for landowners, buyers, lessees and investors based on their up to date information on governmental  and international institutions development projects in areas such a tourism, urban areas, industrial areas, etc.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or in the process of stepping up to your "dream home”, we have made everything available to you through our branch offices in every residential area or any other area where new investments are made. We also offer our services on our official web site. All properties are of the highest standards in the market and they are located in all main cities of Albania. Our expertise in legislation and transactional procedures in real estate business makes us the favorite choice for Albanian and foreign investors.

Our Staff

We recruit, retain, and train the most experienced and talented professionals then give them the flexibility and national platform needed to add value. Our professionals, located in all country, assess each client's needs and implement solutions that fit the client's strategic, operational, and financial goals. Through working with a member of the DEV-Information family, customers benefit from a variety of programs, services and methods created specifically to meet the demands and needs of people in all the country. For most people, buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial commitments they will make in their lifetime. That's why DEV-Information professionals are committed to guiding customers through each step of the transaction and going beyond the basic responsibilities of a real estate agent.

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